Jan 1933



St. Mary Cray Village Hall was the scene of the P.S.A. New Year party on Thursday evening last week. Old and new members attended, and they spent a jolly time dancing and playing parlour games. Among the oldest members was Mrs. Whittle, aged 82 years, who remembers the inception of the P.S.A. 33 years ago.

One amusing game caused a member of the orchestra to have to “propose” to a lady, and other games played were musical chairs, putting the tail on the donkey when blindfolded, general post and musical Bob. The dances included some of the old-fashioned waltzes and the Wee McGregor one step. Community singing was also enjoyed.

All the accompaniments and dance music were played by the P.S.A. orchestra who were conducted by Mr. Harry Hawes. Mr. W. White, a former conductor, came back to play and renew his acquaintance with his old friends. Miss Lindridge presided at the piano.

Mr. J. T. Fryer, the president, was in attendance to welcome the visitors and guests, and Mr. P. Collier, with the help of Mrs. Collier, was M.C., as well as being the originator of the evening’s fun. Ladies of the P.S.A. provided the refreshments.