The anniversary services of the 24th West Kent (Orpington) Company of the Boys’ Brigade, connected with the Orpington Methodist Church, were held on Sunday. The morning service, at which representatives of the other juvenile organisations associated with the Church, together with detachments from the 10th (Sevenoaks) and 26th (Slade Green) Companies, were present, was conducted by Mr. Charles W. Eade (Hon. captain of the company), assisted by Mr. Gordon W. Thomas (captain). An appropriate address was given by Mr. Eade on the subject, “Four lads,” based on the tet, “There is a lad here.”

After the service the boys were instructed by Mr. V. J. Pantlin (hon. captain of the 48th London (Dulwich) Company), and then marched to St. Paul’s Cray, led by the massed drum and bugle bands.

The evening service was conducted by the Rev. George R. Maland, hon. chaplain of the company, who gave an inspiring sermon on the subject of “Great possessions.” During the service a trio was rendered by Mrs. Beckett, of Carlisle (soprano), Miss G. Tucker (contralto), and Mr. W. Kimber (baritone).

On Wednesday an officers’ and n.c.o.’s social evening was held in celebration of the anniversary of the formation of the 24th company and the jubilee of the movement. A large number was present, including Councillors W. Eastman and A. R. Martin. The arrangements were under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. P. Collier (St. Paul’s Cray), and the music was provided by Herbert Mongor’s Dance Orchestra.

Among the varied items of an enjoyable evening were a “best coiffure” competition, adjudicated by Mesdames R. H. Felton and Spencer and Mr. V.H. Pantlin, and won by Mrs. A. Buckwell and Sergeant Walter Jarvis.

A cake competition organised by Mrs. Neal was won by Miss Smallwood.

The hall was tastefully decorated by the n.c.o.’s, under the direction of Lieutenant C. B. Mills, and a refreshment buffet, organised by the ladies, was in the charge of Mesdames Costin, Eade, Jarvis and Mills.

The thanks of the company for the generous support and the help so freely given were voiced by Captain P. W. Thomas and Lieutenant C. B. Mills, and a memorable occasion closed with “Auld Lang Syne.”