Mrs. West, Miss Collier, Mrs. Moreham, Mrs. Walters, Miss Roffery, Mrs. Welstead, Mrs. Banks, Mrs. Braithwait, Mrs Gibson, Miss B. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Allen, Mrs Eve and Mrs. Ford.

St. Mary Cray Women’s Institute presented a very enjoyable scene from “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” by Bertram Lee Woolf. Their producer was Mrs. Herring. The scene opened with an attractive ime to the accompaniment of 17th century music (Purcell) and the period costumes of Thackery’s “Vanity Fair,” and the quiet sincerity of the acting contributed to an impressive performance.

The adjudicator said she thought a delightful show had been given of this very intereresting play. A quality of childlike absorption was necessary in a play of this sort, and Christian and Faithful had attained this. Christian spoke the concluding lines of the play very effectively and the entrance of the mummers was very well done. Christian had a good voice, and he had conveyed the sense of ecstacy.


John Harold Dixon, of Bladindon-drive, Blendon, Bexley, was fined 10s., with 10s. 6d. costs, at Greenwich on Saturday for failing to give free passage on a pedestrian crossing at Deptford.