Mr. P. Collier’s concert party from St. Mary Cray provided the programme at the Saturday evening concert at the Shortlands Congregational Church. Songs were rendered by Miss Philpot, her items including “The Lilac Tree” and “The Spring is in My Garden.” Mr. Hawkings was recalld for his rendering of “Hats Off to the Stoker” in the first half and gave “Young Tom of Devon.” In the second half he gave “The Company Sergeant Major” and “Maire My Girl.” Humorous songs and monologues were given by Mr. P. Collier, who joined with Mrs. Collier in a sketch entitled “Off,” and a duologue “What May had.” Mrs. Collier proved herself an excellent entertainer and her items, “We ain’t arf proud of dad,” “Light on the Flood,” “If you knew Muvver” and “The Nipper’s Holiday” were thoroughly enjoyed. Pianoforte solos and recitations were contributed by Miss Collier. Violin solos by Mr. C. Fife included the “Barcarolle” and “Why don’t my dreams come true.”