A hearty welcome was accorded the Duke at St. Mary Cray, which was the first place visited after luncheon. He was received outside the Village Hall by Captain W. O. H. Joynson, a member of the Kent Council of Social Service, who presented Councillor W. C. Sweatman, Mr. J. Henderson (head master of the St. Mary Cray Central School, and a keen social service worker), the Rev. R. F. Galer, M.A. (Vicar of St. Mary Cray), Mr. S. Minett (hon. treasurer to the Village Hall Trustees).

Mrs. Sweatman and Mr. E. Hacket Jones (chairman of the Cray Valley Traders’ Association) were unavoidably absent.

The Duke was taken into the hall, where mothers and babies were assembled with Mrs. H. C. B. Berens (president of the Centre) and Dr. Thompson (County Medical Officer for Child Welfare).

On the stage the Cottage Players presented part of a scene from Tolstoi’s “Michael.” Beckie Collier was Michael; Cyril FitzGerald, Simon; Dorothy Fitz-Gerald, Matyrona; and Brenda Fitz-Gerald was the child Katinka. The Duke was impressed by the scene, and Miss Rees, of St. Paul’s Cray, the producer, was presented by Captain Joynson.

...before proceeding to St. Mary Cray.

St. Mary Cray.

The Duke received one of the warmest of welcomes at St. Mary Cray, where an old resident remarked to a “ Mercury ” reporter, “We don’t often have anything like this happen.” The road outside the Village Hall was crowded, and hats were raised and handkerchiefs waved as the cars drew up. The Duke delighted the crowd by afterwards waling from the Village Hall to Effingham Lodge, where he saw an example of the local Provision of Work Scheme men clearling and preparing the field for the Scouts’ fete on June 20th.

At the Village Hall, part of the War Memorial Trust in the parish, for which a grant was made by the National Council of Social Service, through the Kent Counil, the Duke was given a welcome by about seventy motherr with their babies, who were attending the welfare clinic held under the authority of the Kent County Council. The Duke was apparently quite at home, and chatted to several of the mothers, complimenting them on their healthy babies.

The Cottage Players performed a brief excerpt fro the last act of Tolstoi’s “Michael,” which they gave two years ago in aid of the loal unemployed. Those appearing were Miss Beckie Collier as “Michael,” Mrs. Dorothy Fitzgerald as “Matryona,” Mr. Cyril Fitzgerald as “Simon,” and Miss Brenda Fitzgerald as “Katinka.” Miss P. Rees was the producer.

His Royal Highness was welcomd by Capt. W. O. H. Joynson, chairman of the Village Hall Committee, and those who were presented included Mr. W. C. Sweatman, hon. secretary of the committee, the Rev. Hugh Galer, Vicar of St. Mary Cray; Mr. J. R. Henderson, head teacher of the St. Mary Cray Central School; Miss Rees; Mrs. Berens; Dr. Simpson; Nurse Tyley; Mrs. Asgill, secretary of the Welfare Centre; Mr. S. Minett, treasurer of the Village Hall Committee; and Nurse Bellamy.

Leaving St. Mary Cray, the party passed through Orpington, whre the Duke saw in Hillview-road a private road which had been made-up by unemployed men. The party proceeded down Crofton-road to Farnborough, allowing the Duke to see further good work accomplished by the unemployed on the recreation ground.

As the cars sped to Hayes, via Locksbottom, Croydon-road and Hayes Common, they were frequently recognised and saluted by groups of people. A Union Jack had been hung outside a house in Croydon-road, Keston, and peolpe were waiting outside to give the Duke a greeting.

The Duke afterwards visited Beckenham and Downham.