Performed at St. Mary Cray.

“I’ll Leave It To You” was the title of an amusing three-act comedy presented by the Temple Congregational Church (St. Mary Cray) Dramatic Society on Thursday last week. The play is one of Mr. Noel Coward’s popular comedies, and the manner in which it was produced and performed amply justified the selection of this play for the annual performance of this society. The characters in the order of appearance, were:—

The scene of the play is laid in Mulberry Manor, the home of Mrs. Dermott and her family, consisting of: “Sylvia,” a young lady of 21; “Joyce,” a school-girl flapper; “Bobbie,” the “family fool” with the “cultivated” lisp; “Evangeline,” a prim and artistic young lady; and “Oliver,” of the strong, silent type.

The curtain rises for the first act, revealing a dimly lighted, cosy apartment of the hall. It is late afternoon, some five days before Christmas, and Sylvia and Joyce sit in the firelight discussing the pecuniary difficulties of the family. Mrs. Dermott enters and, in her plaintive manner, makes reference to the various debts with which the family exchequer is encumbered.

A telegram arrives from her brother, Daniel Davies, of U.S.A., and this is followed shortly afterwards by the arrival of Daniel himself, with the distressing news that he has only three years to live. He intends leaving his money to the member of the family who “makes good” during that time. “How shall we start?” is the simultaneous question from the family, and “I'll leave it to you” is Daniel’s obvious reply.

Each tries in his or her own way to gain possession of Uncle Daniel’s wealth. In the process of really “making good” Uncle Daniel’s proposal is almost forgotten. Later the facetious Daniel confesses it is all a hoax: he has no money and hopes to live to a good old age; it was done to force them to bestir themselves and earn a livelihood. The various members of the family quarrel with each other and with Uncle Daniel, but finally apologise to him, and all ends well.

All the players delighted the large audience, and it would be invidious to mention them individually. Each interpreted his or her part with ability and received well-merited applause.

The play was ably produced by Mr. Donald Evans, and Mr. Leslie Duck capably carried out the duties of stage manager. Scenery by Mr. L. Tomkins, of Chelsfield.

As a result of this performance the Sunday School Fund has benefited to the amount of £10.